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The Royal British Legion
8 Charlton Rd
Keynsham, Bristol, Avon, BS31 2JA
Tel: 0117 907 3340 


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Keynsham, is a traditional market town between Bristol and Bath in south west England. Keynsham offers a wide variety of sports, leisure, entertainment and dining facilities throughout the town aimed to provide enjoyment to a wide variety of people. What's on in Keynsham


Social Clubs in Keynsham

Barton Hill Tenants Association Social Club
Avonvale Road Barton Hill
Bristol Avon BS5 9SR
Tel: 0117 955 9343
Brislington & St Annes Conservative Club
109 Wick Road
Bristol Avon BS4 4HE
Tel: 0117 908 7701
Bristol South Labour Party Social Club
Brocks Road
Bristol Avon BS13 0HQ
Tel: 0117 964 9235
Churchill Skittle & Social Club
Ladymead Lane
Bristol Avon BS40 5EG
Tel: 01934 852096
Keynsham & District Conservative Club
22 High Street
Keynsham Avon BS31 1DQ
Tel: 0117 986 2117
North Bristol Social Club
145-147 Fishponds Road
Bristol Avon BS5 6PR
Tel: 0117 951 0137
Portishead Working Mens Club
Slade Road
Portishead Avon BS20 6BW
Tel: 01275 842428
Shirehampton Mens Social Club
High Street
Shirehampton Avon BS11 0DG
Tel: 0117 982 6454
St George Social Club
134b Church Road
Bristol Avon BS5 9HH
Tel: 0117 955 1699
Sweb Social Club
Avonbank Feeder Road
Bristol Avon BS2 0TB
Tel: 0117 971 8925
The St George Conservative Club
4-6 Clouds Hill Road
Bristol Avon BS5 7LA
Tel: 0117 955 7601
Ashton Social Club
Silbury Road
Bristol Avon BS3 2QE
Tel: 0117 966 2550
Avonmouth Working Mens Club
2-10 Napier Square
Bristol Avon BS11 9AJ
Tel: 0117 987 3161
Beaconsfield Social Club
112 Avonvale Road
Bristol Avon BS5 9RU
Tel: 0117 955 1169
Bristol South Labour Club
Brocks Road
Bristol Avon BS13 0HQ
Tel: 0117 949 3341
Bristol West Conservative Club
5 Westfield Park
Bristol Avon BS6 6LT
Tel: 0117 973 6811
Henbury Social Club
Bowling Section Crowe Lane
Bristol Avon BS10 7LN
Tel: 0117 950 0333
Lawrence Weston Social Club
Lawrence Weston Road
Bristol Avon BS11 0SZ
Tel: 0117 982 9148
Paulton Rovers Social Club
Winterfield Road
Paulton Avon BS39 7RF
Tel: 01761 412907
Riva Bingo & Social Club
32 Broadwalk Shopping Centre Broad Walk
Bristol Avon BS4 2QU
Tel: 0117 977 6225
St Annes Board Mill Social Club
Avonvale Road
Bristol Avon BS5 9RN
Tel: 0117 955 7067
St Georges Labour Club
326a Church Road
Bristol Avon BS5 8AJ
Tel: 0117 955 9935
The City & Port Of Bristol Social & Sports Club
Nibley Road
Bristol Avon BS11 9XW
Tel: 0117 982 3927
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Keynsham is located on the confluence where the River Chew meets the River Avon, the town has a prehistoric history and is scattered with Roman remains, such as the Roman villas at Somerdale and Durley Hill and a burial site between Keynsham and Saltford.The settlement, said to be named after Saint Keyne, developed into a medieval market town, its growth prompted by the foundation of an influential and prosperous abbey, founded by the Victorine order of Augustinian monks founded around 1170. It survived until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 and a house built on the site. The remains have been designated as grade I listed building by English Heritage. The town was the site of a battle between royalist forces and the rebel Duke of Monmouth. According to local legend, St Keyne was warned by the local King that the marshy area was swarming with snakes, which prevented habitation. St. Keyne prayed to the heavens and turned the snakes to stone. Folklore has it that the fossilized ammonites that are very prevalent in the town are the remains of the snakes. Described in a dictionary published in 1752 as 'a foggy smoaky town, whose market is weekly on Thursday; it has fine stone bridge over the River Avon, and its principal trade is malting; in the neighborhood of this town is a quarry in which are frequently found stones inform of serpents, but generally without any representation of a head' These fossil Ammonites have become the symbol of many institutions connected with the town. Research by the University of Bristol Department of Archeology suggests that early settlement may have been at Oakleaze Farm between Keynsham and Stockwood. Before the creation of Chew Valley Lake and river level controls at Keynsham Lock and weir, Keynsham was prone to flooding. The "Great Flood" of 1968 flooded large parts of the town, destroyed the town's bridges and private premises the Dapps Hill; the devastation was viewed by the Duke of Edinburgh. Keynsham did play a part in the Civil War as the Roundheads saved the town and also camped there for the night. The town also has links to the Mormen, the hostile forebears to the Angles, the original settlers in the area are said to have been allied with the Mormen and it is due to this alliance that Keynsham survived the 1147 Angle sacking. More on Kenysham 


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